Dr. Reuben Mutegi


Dr. Reuben Mutegi lives in Nairobi and holds PhD and M.Ed. degrees in Educational Planning. He is a research consultant in education, economics, health policies and labor dynamics. He won research grants with National Transfer Account (NTA) Global project, African Centre of Excellence for Inequality Research (ACEIR), IDRC, IZA, Bill and Melinda Gates, AERC and AFD. Dr. Reuben attended trainings on impact evaluation using new econometric methods organized by DFID, World Bank, IZA. AERC and APHRC. Currently, he is a lecturer at School of Education, University of Nairobi and has widely published and presented papers in national and international conferences.

To reach Dr. Reuben Mutegi for additional information on educational consultancy and research and policy issues, please e-mail: rmutegi@uonbi.ac.ke or mutegigr2005@gmail.com