Dr. M. Dr. Sharifzadeh


Dr. Sharifzadeh holds several accredited degrees: a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree in Management from Walden University and a Master of Science in Philosophy (M.Phil) degree in management science from University of Oxford, England.

As a profession, Dr. Sharifzadeh writes research reports about valuation U.S. public companies and economic sectors and supervises research analysts in his position as a CEO and director of research Alpha Beta Investment Research through which he pursues his professional interests at various platforms in addition to serving as adjunct faculty at universities.

Peer-reviewed publications include:

Sharifzadeh, M., & Sharif, A. (2015). A probabilistic capital budgeting model for new product development under stage-gate process. Accounting and Finance Research, 4(2), 99–109. doi:10.10.5430/afr.v4n2p

Sharifzadeh, M., & Hojat, S. (2012). An analytical performance comparison of exchanged traded funds with index funds: 2002-2010. Journal of Asset Management, 13(3), 196–209. doi:10.1057

Sharifzadeh, M. (2010). An empirical and theoretical analysis of capital asset pricing model. Dissertation.com, Boca Raton Florida.