Dr. James D. Bennett


Dr. James D. Bennett resides in Tulsa, OK.  Dr. James is currently Vice President and Credit Analyst for First Oklahoma Bank (FOB). Previously, Dr. James served as Corporate Secretary and as a Commercial Lender for FOB. Dr. James has a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s in English from Belmont University, as well as a Doctorate in Business Administration from Walden University.

In addition to co-founding FOB, Dr. James has over 15 years of experience serving as a business manager, entrepreneur, songwriter, publisher, and sales consultant.  Dr. James has also served as a sales consultant for Hemphill, LLC., a leader in the wireless communication towers industry.

Dr. James has appeared on Fox Business Network’s hit TV show Strange Inheritance season 2, episode 18.  Also, Dr. James was the Lennon Award Winner and Grand Prize Winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2012.

Dr. James has ghostwritten articles for national publications including Forbes.com, ThinkAdvisor.com, HJRGlobal.com, JFSWealthAdvisors, USA Financial, and more.  Additional published works include his dissertation: Profit Enhancement Strategies for the Spotify Music Streaming Business Model.