Dr. Elmer Hall helps individuals and organizations plan for success that sustainably balances wellness and wealth.

Dr. Elmer holds accredited degrees: BA and MBA from the University of South Florida; and Doctorate of International Business Administration (DIBA) from Nova Southeastern University. For 25 years, he taught business classes at several Florida universities, including Research Methods. He is a Facilitator and Dissertation Mentor for the University of Phoenix. His “real” education, however, is from his personal entrepreneurial ventures and those of clients.

Dr. Elmer is the President of Strategic Business Planning Company (, doing strategic consulting for startups and expanding ventures. Major clients: IBM, Ryder, NextEra (FP&L), and Burger King (Diageo). He interned in Quality Assurance, NARF/NAS. At FP&L he helped develop the quality improvement program (QIP) tools used throughout the company in the quest to win the Deming Award.

He publishes/consults on sustainability (in business and education), innovation, economic development, patent planning and Delphi/scenario planning. With Robert Hinkelman, he co-authored Perpetual Innovation™: A Guide to Strategic Planning, Patent Commercialization and Enduring Competitive Advantage and the Patent Primer. See  Find SBP’s Commercialization of Patent Assets (COMPASS®) process at

Twitter @PatentPlan