Dr. Denise Mayo Moore


Dr. Denise Mayo Moore Resides in Southwestern Tennessee. Dr. Denise holds several accredited degrees; a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Human Studies from Metropolitan College of New York, Master of Science: Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University, Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Yeshiva University, Ph.D. in Psychology from Walden University

Dr. Denise holds the distinction of being appointed the first women Director of the Bachelor in Social Work program at Touro University Worldwide, where she is a full Faculty Member. Dr. Denise passionately nurtures students to become reflective practitioners of change. Dr. Denise designed and implemented the curriculum for the Bachelor of Social Work Program. She serves on the Academic Council, Accreditation Committee and Chairwomen of the University Curriculum Committee.

MOORE FOR YOUR NEEDS was created in 1995 to provide support for nonprofit organizations in the areas of board development, fund-raising, and SWOT analysis. MOORE FOR YOUR NEEDS provides consulting to students of all ages to make the right decisions regarding education. We keep students focused and on task throughout their educational experience.

To reach Dr. Denise Mayo Moore for information on consulting or coaching services please e-mail: denise@mooreforyourneeds.org