Dr. Denise L. Land


Dr. Denise L. Land holds several accredited degrees, including Gerontology (BS), MSW, and a Doctorate of Management (DM) in Organizational Leadership.

Dr. D., as she is known to her students, is a doctoral university faculty with Walden University. Faculty teaching activities include strategic planning, leadership, and research methods. In addition to her faculty work, she also has university faculty experience in the areas of human services, psychology, communications, research, management, leadership, and critical thinking.

Additional published works include her dissertation: Identifying Strategic Leadership Practice Motivators of Nonprofit Employee Retention; “Socio-Technical Systems Advancement: Making Distance Learning Changes That Count” Journal of U.S. Distance Learning Association; “Best practices in doctoral retention: Mentoring” Higher Learning Research Communications; earlier Refractive Thinker Editions.

To reach Dr. Denise Land for information on any of these topics, please e-mail her: drdlland@gmail.com