Dr. Dee Cortner


About the Author

Dr. Diane M. Cortner holds several accredited degrees: A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Community Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Minnesota; a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from William Carey University-Mississippi; a Master of Public Health (MPH) from University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA);  and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Organization & Management with an E-Business specialization from Capella University, School of Business and Technology, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dr. Diane, affectionately known as “Dr. Dee” to her students, is a university professor on faculty with Walden University-College of Health Sciences and University of Phoenix-School of Advanced Studies. She is a business consultant/researcher in preventive health strategies, a registered dietitian (RD), and a retired Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Biomedical Sciences Corps, after 20 ½ years military service. She has over 30 years RD experience with 12 years director-level experience serving at various medical centers within the USAF. Dr. Cortner has worked as a researcher in community-based settings in a variety of areas including nutrition, preventive health, and helping seniors learn how to find and download health information from the Internet. Her USAF landmark study pressed forward the concept of healthy eating and was published in Applied & Preventive Psychology (Fielder, Cortner, Ktenidis, & Balch, 1999).

Additional published works include her dissertation:  Stages of Internet Adoption in Preventive Health: An Exploratory Diffusion Study of a Community-Based Learning Venue for 50+ Year-Old Adults (2006). Look for additional work to be published in 2009 and beyond.

To reach Dr. Dee for information on any of these topics, please email: CortnerDM@aol.com