Dr. Beverly D. Carter


New York author Dr. Beverly D. Carter holds several accredited degrees; a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology from Western New England College; a Master of Science (MS) in Adult Education Human Resources Management from Fordham University; and a Doctorate of Management (DM) in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies.

Dr. Carter, is a “corporate physician” with Business Prosperity Solutions where she serves organizations as a mentor and guide as they shift their organizational paradigms; Civil Servant dedicated to contract management, program development and monitoring of subcontracted, not for profit agencies; and volunteer consultant with Ejayes Charities which supports plans for medical missions to serve the underprivileged in Africa and most recently, Haiti.

Dr. Carter led the Older Driver Coalition to winning the 2009 Gold NACO award for exceptional development of a county government program for the development of a Roll Call Training for Law Enforcement as “first responders” to caregivers and the growing older driving community. She participated in the development of a County Government Publication: A Guide for Caregivers for which her department won the 2009 Bronze Achievement Award.

Additional published works include her dissertation: The Impact of Thinking and Leadership Styles on the Advancement of Women and The Refractive Thinker Volume IV Ethics, Leadership, and Globalization: Changing the Hegemonic Impact of Leadership Advancement for Women.

To reach Dr. Beverly Carter for information on any of these topics, please e-mail: dr.beverlycarter@yahoo.com