Dr. Alexandro F. Armour


Virginia author Dr. Alexandro F. Armour holds several accredited degrees; a Bachelor of Science (BS) from the United States Air Force Academy; a Master of Business Administration from Saint Mary’s University, San Antonio, TX; and an Executive Doctorate of Business (EDB) from the Georgia State University. He is a Project Management Institute (PMI)-certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP).

Dr. Alex is currently the CEO of Offspring Solutions. Founded in 2003, Offspring Solutions is a solution provider of management consulting and full lifecycle information technology services including, but not limited to, application modernization, infrastructure modernization and support (cloud computing), enterprise systems engineering, systems operations and maintenance, and data analytics.

Dr. Alex has extensive technical expertise with 18 years of hands-on information technology experience, including in-depth knowledge of strategic planning and budgeting, business intelligence, software design, application integration, and project/performance management. His doctoral study, Achieving Contextual Ambidexterity Through the Implementation of High Performance Work Systems (HPWS), provided him the opportunity to gain professional and academic expertise to facilitate significant improvements in the organizational development of technology companies.

To reach Dr. Alexandro F. Armour for information on technology consulting, doctoral coaching, or any of these topics, please e-mail: afarmour@gmail.com