Dr. Aaron Armour


Texas author Dr. Aaron Armour is an entrepreneur, certified business analyst, educator, and former athlete who holds several accredited degrees; Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Development; a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Global Leadership; and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) all from Colorado Tech University.  He is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who served honorably for 8 years.  Dr. Aaron is also Lean Six Sigma Certified.

Dr. Aaron is currently the CEO of Armour Economic Solutions.  Founded in 2015, AES is a consulting service that analyze, develop and implement solutions to business deficiencies to achieve clients’ individual and business goals.  The company also provide business analytical services by analyzing operational functions of businesses, identifying strengths and deficiencies, and providing recommendations.  He is also a dissertation mentor and coach offering expertise as a professional writer.

Dr. Aaron has a wide-range of business development expertise with over 10 years of business analysis experience, including in-depth knowledge of strategic planning, business intelligence, and global leadership.  He is an author known for his dissertation writings on Exploring The Strategies Business Managers Need to Incorporate Business Intelligence Dashboards in a New Start African American Organization that provided him the opportunity to gain expertise to facilitate significant improvements in the development of small to medium enterprises (SME’s).