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“Effective Business Practices for
Motivation and Communication”

The Refractive Thinker®: Volume 8 Provides Real Solutions for Today’s Businesses

(Albuquerque, NM) – The spring 2014 release of the popular, award-winning academic Refractive Thinker anthology marks a new direction for the publication.   While previous editions have been curated from a purely academic standpoint, volume 8 makes the real world connection by bridging the gap.  Academicians identify and address the issues in each chapter and Dr. Cheryl Lentz, The Academic Entrepreneur™, provides an interpretation for application into today’s business world.

From the theme of “Effective Business Practices for Motivation and Communication,” to the foreword by entrepreneurial legend Ron Klein, this volume is a true bridge between scholarship and the business community.

Dr. Cheryl Lentz, of the Lentz Leadership Institute, is the managing editor of volume 8.  Also known as “The Academic Entrepreneur™,” Dr. Lentz seeks to help academics across many fields by creating opportunities to be published in a peer-reviewed publication and the opportunity to take their work from the coffee table to real world application.

Ron Klein is most famous for his invention of the magnetic-strip credit card system.  He was also recognized for his work in automating the bond market for the New York Stock Exchange.  He personally has been responsible for many of the technological innovations that allow modern finance to take place.  Ron is a business analyst, consultant, mentor, and problem solver who has worked with countless individuals and businesses to help them move in positive directions.

The Refractive Thinker® is a new, innovative outlet for doctoral scholars who want to publish their research.  It provides an alternative to traditional publishing models by sharing the expenses of publication and promotion.  It is unique because it meets the critical standards of peer-reviewed literature while still appealing to readers outside of the world of academia.

Authors appearing in Volume 8:

  • Dr. Patricia A. D’Urso and Dr. Audrey Ellison  – Communicate Effectively to Motivate Successfully
  • Dr. Sheila G. Embry  – Bridging the Job Satisfaction Gap: What U.S. Federal Leaders Need to Know
  • Dr. Danielle J. Camacho and Dr. Jill M. Legare – Going Green—Motivating Leaders to Embrace Environmentally Sustainable Business Practices
  • Dr. Ernest Jones  – Five Steps To Navigating the Social Exchange Perspective Landscape
  • Dr. Joseph A. Gioia and Dr. Temeaka Gray – Motivation: Addressing Job-Related Stress and Ensuring Effective Communication as Best HRM Practices
  • Dr. Annie Brown – Using Qualitative Methods To Discover Reasons For Leaders’ Failure
  • Dr. Neil Mathur and Dr. Cheryl Lentz – Effective Communication and Motivation Strategies for Faculty in Higher Education: Blurring the Lines Between Business and Academia
  • Dr. Leo Fleming-Farrell, Dr. Elmer Hall, and Dr. Judy Fisher-Blando – Implementation of New TQM Programs, Communications, and Adapting to Change
  • Dr. David M. Mula and Dr. Eric L. Patterson – What Motivates Employees to Resign and the Effects of Turnover

To order The Refractive Thinker®: Volume 8, Effective Business Practices For Motivation And Communication go to www.refractivethinker.com.


If thinking is inside the box, and critical thinking is outside the box, refractive thinking is beyond the box. The Refractive Thinker® series, brain child of Dr. Cheryl Lentz – the Academic Entrepreneur, provides doctoral scholars with a collaborative opportunity to promote and publish their work in a peer reviewed publication, which meets the university standard.  The goal is to provide an affordable outlet for scholars that supports the tremendous need for dynamic dialogue and innovation while providing additional clout and recognition for each contributing author. Unlike most academic books that merely define research, The Refractive Thinker® offers unique application of research methodologies from the perspective of multiple authors – each offering a chapter based on their specific expertise.  To learn more about the book contact Sheila Stewart at 303-378-2022 cell or sstewart@sheilastewartpr.com or go to www.refractivethinker.com.


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