RT Vol XXI Ch 4: Harmonized Life: Balancing Paid and Unpaid Work in a Functional Society
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. XXI: Work Life Balance: Effective Strategies to Enhance Personal and Professional Success


Ch 4: Work in a functional society is performed across its three pillars namely, state (government) market (commerce) and civil society. Family is the fundamental building block of society with workers and other stakeholders coming from their respective homes to engage across state, market, and civil society. Work-life balance is a traditional concept attempting to distribute time for paid work and life. This is a masculine construct that fails to consider the feminine contributions. A refractive thinker sees the flaw in this construct and understands that work comprises of paid and unpaid work that ought to be equitably budgeted with respect to time. Once the paid and unpaid work are addressed, then life ought to be harmonized with work, because balancing is not possible with disparate requirements placed on people based on their respective genders. Data shows that 75% of the unpaid work totaling up to 11 billion hours a day is carried out by women of the world while men focus mainly on paid work. In the absence of women and their work, life would be non-viable. Therefore, work-life balance needs to be replaced with harmonizing life, to balance the burdens of paid and unpaid work, including total contributions of women.
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