RT Vol XXI: Ch 3: Conflicts From Work-Life Balance Techniques
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. XXI: Work Life Balance: Effective Strategies to Enhance Personal and Professional Success


Ch 3: Work-life balance is a topic of interest within organizations. Individuals need to understand how to manage their family life and their work-life so that neither one is negatively affected. The work environment is effective in influencing work-life balance than the family environment. The individual’s job and the institution where they work can place significant demands on their time, effort, and mental capacity (Delecta, 2011). A leader needs to implement efficient strategies that allow staff to function effectively at work while ensuring they can maintain a healthy "out of work" environment and lifestyle. Not implementing effective strategies can cause adverse issues within an organization. The business problem used in this multiple case study is that some leaders often find it difficult to identify and implement strategies that promote healthy work-life balance for their employees. The findings of my research contributed to social change by providing business leaders with possible solutions for managing work-life conflicts while ensuring their staff continues to function successfully and enhance productivity for the business.
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