RT Vol XVII: Foreword
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XVII: Managing a Cultural Workforce: The Impact of Global Employees


Business is about being open to possibilities, as well as to the gifts that the universe offers. The secret is how you can be creative and successful while also being true to yourself. We are all creative, the challenge is learning to put that creativity to work; this takes the power of learning. Remember, you can’t give birth to adults.

Business is about learning about people and ourselves along the way. It doesn’t matter whether the product is a new shoe, a new device, or a new idea, every new paradigm follows the same growth curve, from conception to adulthood. Whether raising a child or an entrepreneur, the process is remarkably similar—both take hard work and determination. We have to navigate through our expectations, unshakeable optimism, and grinding endurance in the face of unforeseen setbacks

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Believe in the power of the universe, the power of partnerships, and the power of you. Each of us should work to be successful and happy, but having given it our best shot, we must sit back and enjoy both what we have and what we’ve created, no matter how it turns out. The secret is in the relationships and friends we have developed along the way, the true fulfillment of an entrepreneur’s dream.

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