RT Vol XV CH 6
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XV: Non Profits: Strategies for Effective Management


The survival of nonprofit higher education instutions depends on leaders’ ability to retain top performers. Key employees are an undispensible resource that effect the survival of any organization. The loss of essential employees leads to loss of knowledge and can have an immidiate effect on how effective and efficient businesses are. Nonprofit higher education leaders can help their organizations be successful by implementing effective employee retention strategies. By focusing on the retention of essential personnel, higher education administrators can provide their organizations with a competitive edge, improve knowledge retention, and increase employee commitment and job satisfaction, which in turn leads to increased productivity and sustainability. Without experienced employees in the right positions, leaders have a difficult time achieving their organizations’ missions and vissions. In this chapter, we discuss some of the effects of employee turnover and provide an overview of the current literature on employee turnover. We also share
the findings from document reviews and the data collected from ten interviews with nonprofit higher education leaders. The findings from the data analysis indicated that leaders can reduce employee turnover by communicating effectively with their employees, creating a supportive work environment, and increasing employee job satisfaction.