RT Vol XIX Chap 9 Social Media: The Tools of Protesting by Millennials in the Digital Age
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XIX: Social Media: Changing the World Through Communication


Social media remains a tool in the toolbox of society since its inception. When first created, social media was a way for people to communicate with others in the digital space, implying social connection and engagement, with the ability to connect communities. As each social media platform develops its own distinct personality and purpose, social media continues to evolve in its purpose and application. Recently, a particular generation learned to leverage this tool to take action to right many of society’s wrongs. Described as the “impatient generation” (Papadatou, 2019), Millennials want to see results immediately and refuse to wait for the bureaucracy of the legal system to run its course. Millennials often use the psychology of warfare to effect societal change. With the immediacy and speed never before seen in a generation, the protest of words, marches, or speeches is not swift enough. Instead, this new generation has found a refractive application of a tool that does more than communicate and connect communities. How Millennials wield social media as a sword to influence immediate change, was the focus of this article.