RT Vol XII: Chap 8: The Impacts of Integrity and Ethics on Cybersecurity in Higher Education
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XII: CYBERSECURITY


The continually emerging world of digital technology offers many significant challenges to the world of higher education. While digital technology offers the ability of education to expand its reach beyond traditionally served on-ground communities, offering convenience comes with a price. A question considered by the authors of this article considered was whether the potential ramifications impacts on integrity and ethics within post-secondary education is worth the price to be paid for the unintended cost and consequences. Literature supports that a truth discussed was that online learning is not a fad; online learning is an educational modality that requires educators to learn to manage a new era of unethical behavior in academia. The focus of this chapter was to explore the refractive thinking of the next generation of ethical dishonesty and cybersecurity faced in this new digital age.