RT Vol XII Chap 6
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XII: CYBERSECURITY


Cybersecurity in health-care is the same as cybersecurity in other industries; except when it isn’t . Any cybersecurity professional can describe the technologies and methods used to protect the quality of information technology service and protect sensitive data. However, a healthcare cybersecurity professional can also describe conditions unique to their industry that are necessary to understand threats and prioritize cybersecurity efforts. These unique conditions also guide how executive decisions about investment of limited resources are made to minimize both business risk to the safety of patients.
Healthcare industry professional face rapidly evolving medical technology, new regulatory requirements, and they operate in challenging economic conditions. Business executives and cybersecurity professionals may gain perspectives and insights to help govern the healthcare cybersecurity programs from this paper. Armed with a knowledge of security drivers, professionals can make investment decisions that balance healthcare business risks and patient safety needs. If executives fail to make careful and thoughtful decisions, the organization may experience financial damage or worse; a cyber-crime may result in the death of a patient .
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