Chapter 8: Successful Change Management Begins With Effective Leader-Follower Relationships
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. III: Change Management


Successful change management begins with effective leader-follower relationship. Effective leader-follower relationship leads to effective team performance. The purpose of the Fan’s quantitative descriptive correlational study was to examine how congruent values and leadership styles contribute to team performance. Although the results of Fan study showed no significant correlation between the variables congruent values, leadership styles, and team performance, the results showed that strong agreement was indicated among interviewed participants with regard to the importance of having the values of integrity, trustworthiness, the ability to listen to others, respect for others, courage, persistence, and exemplarity in themselves and in their leaders. The findings may be applicable to leaders who proactively search for an opportunity to implement constructive changes to improve effectiveness in teams.
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