Chapter 6: A Qualitative, Ethnographic Review of Teachers’ and Administrators’ Perceptions of a Prescribed Writing Program: A Requisite for Educational Leaders
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. II: Research Methodology


The 2009 Sensenig study adds to qualitative, ethnographic methodology by reviewing the perceptions of teachers’ and administrators’ who teach young children how to write in a writing workshop setting using the prescribed writing instruction model 6+1 Trait® Writing Model. 6+1 Trait® is a trademark belonging to Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (6+1 Trait®). Through individual and focus group interviews, the 2009 Sensenig study identified patterns of thoughts and behaviors that led Sensenig to recommend teachers become writers; and, educational leaders can promote this recommendation through fostering professional development and learning communities. The purpose of this research methodology required the researcher to participate in the data collection and to adapt to research circumstances beyond the researcher’s control (Lecompte & Schensul, 1999). The findings of this research methodology required Sensenig to reflect upon personal knowledge and experience in the teaching of writing to seek themes and remedies to sustain a sound writing program.
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