Chapter 3: “Change Agent” Attributes: Pillars of Leadership Effectiveness
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. III: Change Management


Organizational changes may provide new opportunities for an organization to become more successful and leading change through effective leadership may be the key in getting there. According to Yukl (2010),"leading change is one of the most important and difficult leadership responsibilities" (p. 298). Effective leadership must drive change and support individuals during organizational changes. This chapter describes 'change agent' attributes and pillars of effectiveness for organizational change. The 'change agent' attributes examined in this chapter include: communication, flexibility, resilience, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, humor, passion, motivation, and innovation and creativity. This chapter provides research and findings of the top three 'change agent' attributes that 'change agent' leaders consider to be most important for their organization to be successful during organizational changes.
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