Chapter 7: A Leader’s Influence on Employee-Students Seeking Post-Secondary Education
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. VI: Post-Secondary Education


This quantitative research study was conducted to discover leaders’ impact on employees’ intention to leave their employer. The goal was to examine seven leadership attributes in supervisors of employee-students seeking post-secondary educations while employed, and determine the predictive value of these leadership attributes with regard to intention to turnover. The leadership attributes examined were (a) authenticity and trustworthiness; (b) change agent; (c) charisma; (d) communication; (e) learner; (f) mentor; and (g) visionary. In addition to the seven qualities, a logistic regression analysis tested a general lack of leadership and four factors created through a factor analysis. While individual leadership qualities are not predictors of employee intention to turnover, the broad concept of leadership is a statistically significant predictor of employee intention to turnover. Within the four factors, the factor of Learner was also a statistically significant predictor of employee intention to turnover. Employee-students are more likely to leave a leader lacking leadership qualities and are more likely to remain with a leader supportive of education and personal growth and development.
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