Ch. 3: Using Leadership to Improve Firm Performance through Knowledge Management
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XI: Women in Leadership


As a retired 23-year U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer, I understand knowledge management, innovative thinking, and completion of a mission. The knowledge management aspect interested me in examining the relationship of knowledge management, innovation, and firm performance. As a leader, I obtained and shared knowledge to attain solutions, sometimes with a short response time in order to complete a job, task, or mission. The same can be said of any organization within any industry. Leaders need to know how the knowledge and innovation affect their performance in support of their customers. Before becoming a leader, it was important to understand and support the relationship between knowledge management, innovation, and firm performance. Leaders are empowered to make decisions, as well as to share knowledge and find opportunities to incorporate innovation to achieve the performance of the Navy and now, post-Navy in the ship repair industry. As a leader, I am also empowered to empower others within the workforce.
Knowledge management is meant to be understood as limitless without gender biases and supported throughout the organizational culture. This study was an examination of the relationship of knowledge management, and innovation on firm performance of United States ship repair. The information gleaned through this study shows a statistically significant relationship of knowledge management and innovation on firm performance. This study included examination of a real world business problem as a means to counter the continued reduction in labor forces aged 25 to 54. The study findings offer solutions for organizational leadership to use in preventing the loss of knowledge to increase firm performance.
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