Dr. Ursulla Achieng Okoth


Dr. Ursulla Achieng Okoth holds PhD and M.Ed degrees in Educational Administration and Planning. Dr. Ursulla is an Associate Professor at University of Nairobi. She is a research consultant and educational management specialist and coordinator of Doctoral programmes. She offers editorial expertise to The Fountain Journal She presented papers at international conferences and is a member of AFRICE.

Dr. Ursulla has authored 37 publications in educational management. Published works include “Discipline in Schools,” “ICT and Management,” “Refugee Education in Camps and Urban Setting,” “Leadership Styles and Academic Performance,” and her thesis Instructional Leadership in Implementation of Environmental Education. Dr. Ursulla assisted in establishing two schools in Siaya County and serves on the school management board.

To reach Dr. Ursulla Achieng Okoth for information on research, educational management, and community development, please visit her email: ursulla.achieng@uonbi.ac.ke or ursullaokoth@gmail.com