Dr. Leigh Riley


Dr. Leigh Riley is an SEI Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraiser.  She is also the president/CEO of Acme Process Group, Paradigm Audit Services, and Pinnacle Systems Group.  She resides in Northern VA with her husband and two Basenji puppies (Beau and Arrow).  A graduate of the University of Phoenix, she earned a BS in Project Management, an MBA in Technology Management, and Doctorate in Organizational Management/Information Systems and Technology.

Dr. Leigh’s research focuses on organizational change in technology firms, with an emphasis on her multi-dimensional change strategy called The Protean Model®.  Dr. Leigh’s 27 years experience in the IT industry has provided insight in working with organizations in reengineering and/or developing business processes and leading organizational change. This experience gave Dr. Leigh the vision for developing The Protean Model® and the passion to validate the model through her dissertation work.

Dr. Leigh teaches at Chancellor University and her dissertation results were recently presented at the 2010 Annual NDIA conference in Denver, CO.

Dr. Leigh Riley can be reached at drleighriley@gmail.com