Working as a senior engineering specialist, Dr. Kate Andrews, from San Diego, California, completed her masters and doctorate in psychology from Alliant International University and she transitioned into Industrial-Organizational Psychology where she worked in consulting areas of strategic planning, process improvement, and leadership coaching. Dr. Andrews has developed numerous university graduate courses. Her experience in the United States at the university level includes professor in statistics, research, family systems, drug addiction, counseling, communication, motivation, and leadership. She spent 2 years in Israel working for the government there and then 8 years in Romania where she conducted a research project with teenage girls who were orphaned and taught them life skills so they could function independently. She also served as a consultant with the Roma population on writing business plans and grants and raised 32 teenage orphans who had been in an orphanage. Additionally, Dr. Andrews created an APA Learning Center for a large university and speaks nationally on doctoral research, APA, and graduate level writing. She edits doctoral projects for format and coherence with university standards. In addition to teaching, she currently works with as a research director and finds time for her six grandchildren.

To reach Dr. Kate for dissertation coaching or speaking engagements, she may be contacted at