Dr. Karen Balcanoff


Dr. Karen Balcanoff resides in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Karen holds several accredited degrees; a Bachelor of Science (BHA) in Health Administration from the University of North Florida; a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of North Florida; and a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from Walden University.

Dr. Karen is Director of Organizational Management at St. Johns River State College in Palatka, St. Augustine, and Orange Park, Florida. This was the first bachelor degree offered at this state school and contains four specializations—Supervision and Management, Health Care Administration, Public Service Administration, and Computer Information Systems. Dr. Karen began the bachelor program in January 2011 and teaches, advises, and mentors all students in the program. Prior to joining St. Johns River State College, she was an educator at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, Florida.

Dr. Karen co-authored “Best Practices in Doctoral Retention: Mentoring.” She gained professional and academic expertise with her doctoral study, The Effect of Communication on Hospital Nursing and Morale.

To reach Dr. Karen Balcanoff for information on consulting or doctoral coaching, please e-mail: kbufgtr@aol.com