Dr. Borislav Perev


Dr. Borislav Perev resides in Kissimmee, Florida and currently works for The Walt Disney Company. Additionally, Dr. Borislav is an adjunct faculty member at Bellevue University. He and his family moved to the United States back in 2005 and in 2013 became naturalized U.S. citizens. Dr. Borislav received a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Leadership from Walden University in 2018 and in 2011, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with majors in Management, and Hospitality and Tourism Management from Strayer University. In 2012, he also completed an executive certificate in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resources Management (HRM) from Strayer University. In his time off, he explores new business trends and looks for opportunities to exchange ideas and expertise with friends and peers. He is passionate about researching organizational psychology, corporate performance, leadership approaches, employee turnover and retention strategies, and organizational success factors.

Dr. Borislav is also an active member of Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, Golden Key International Honor Society, and Sigma Alpha Pi National Society of Leadership and Success.

His doctoral dissertation, Strategies Hospitality Leaders use to Reduce Employee Turnover, was published in the digital ProQuest Dissertation & Thesis Global™ Database.

To reach Dr. Borislav Perev, please contact him by email at dr.bperev@gmail.com