Dr. Alla Adams


Dr. Alla O. Adams resides in the historic town of Pearland, Texas. She is Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration and MHA Program Director at Park University. Dr. Adams has strategic and operational management experience gained from working at academic medical centers such as the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. Her experience has been focused on regulatory compliance, financial analysis, operational flow, grant budgeting, cancer care clinical guidelines, strategic global growth, and international medical services contracts. She also served as a principal consultant at M.D. Anderson Physicians Network, where she engineered a model for separating fixed and variable administrative costs, and developed recommendations on data usage for assessing operational costs, budgeting, and negotiating managed care contracts. She serves on Ph.D. dissertation committees in the disciplines of Health and Human Services and Healthcare Administration. Dr. Adams earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Healthcare Administration from Capella University, Master of Science in Healthcare Administration from Houston Baptist University, and Master of Science in Public Health and Epidemiology from Kiev Institute of Medicine.